Lothian Smallbore Shooting Association: About us.

The Lothian Smallbore Shooting Association is an umbrella body for clubs shooting smallbore rifle, air rifle and air pistol in Edinburgh (Scotland) and the surrounding Lothian Region. Its aims and purposes are to provide support and competition for the local smallbore rifle clubs affiliated to it.

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Also on the right-hand menu is a link to a document which gives a full explanation of how shooting is organised in this area as well as in Scotland and the UK, and the competitions available to take part in both locally and nationally.

In 2019 this Association and the Scottish Southern Counties Association (SSCA) agreed to merge into a new body representing all the clubs in the Lothians, Edinburgh, the Scottish Borders and Dumfries & Galloway. There are only two clubs affiliated to SSCA and some of their members have been disappointed for many years that they do not have the opportunity to shoot in a team in the NSRA’s County Leagues because of insufficient numbers of resident shooters to make up such teams.  It’s expected that the merger will take place officially at the LSSA’s AGM in May 2020 [postponed to September due to the Covid-19 thing], after the SSCA has a meeting to dissolve itself. The name of the new Association will be ‘Lothian & Borders Target Shooting Association’. This website will be re-branded using a new URL with the content remaining much as it is and with additions to cater for former SSCA activities as necessary.