The "World Cup" Competition:  The World Cup is a competition for smallbore rifle shooters and was introduced to the LSSA's competition programme in 1990.  It was originally patterned on the then current football World Cup competition and it basically still does although FIFA has tweaked the format of their Finals since then and has made it difficult if not impossible to transfer to this environment. Here's a picture of the awards on offer.

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NB: Those clubs that elect to do local scoring in the postal Qualifying round should download this Excel proforma file and use it to submit their scores by email.  Instructions are contained within it..

The Final was held on Saturday 29th February with a full-house of 24 competitors despite the threatening weather. It was won by Alasdair Horne for the seventh time, overcoming Hugh Simpson in the Final.

Here are the full results (pdf)
here are all the data-entry screens (Excel)

Presentation photos (credit, Anne Hamilton)


Alasdair Horne receiving the trophy

Plate winner

Niall Georgeson and the Plate


Richard Simpson with the Bowl

(Sorry about the poor alignments – this ain’t my forte and life’s too short…)

If anyone’s still interested, here are the final qualifying round results.

I hope to see you all again next season.