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(Added 20/2/2015)
Some old photographs of Haddington Rifle Club have been sent in by the organiser of the ‘Lost Haddington’ Facebook page, and I thought they might be worth sharing. Some of our more mature readers might know some of the names at least, and your site administrator is not ashamed to say that he actually knew some of those in the newest photo (15-odd years later, he hastens to add).

NSRA Scottish National Meeting venues.  This link gives a complete list of all the Scottish meetings ever held showing their venues and years.

(Added June 2014: updated July 2019)
Consolidated summary of the main results at the Scottish Meetings for as many as can be found to date. This link will download an Excel workbook (xlsx file type) with four sheets, so you’ll need Excel or a suitable reader for that type of file in order to view it. {Note: If your browser gives you options to Open or Save the file, and if after choosing ‘Open’ you get the message ‘This file is corrupt and cannnot be opened’, then you should Save it to your computer and open it there. I have no idea what’s going on. The file is not actually corrupt and is quite safe to download. Ed.]

Data prior to WW2 is fairly scarce, but all the winners in the post-war meetings are given. The full Freuchie winners’ list has been added (July14).

A lot of names from pre-war years were obtained from looking at the actual trophies at the Scottish at Lauder in 2014, and these have been added. My thanks to the NSRA for allowing me access to these trophies. However, I am aware that at least some of these trophies were re-allocated to their current competitions and it was not easily seen at what point that took place, but I think most of them were pre-WW2,

Please intimate any corrections (I’m sure there will be some!) to the site administrator.

The site administrator would publicly like to thank everyone he has pestered over a period of months for information for this report, and also the Watsonian and Bon Accord clubs for letting him loose in their archives of Rifleman magazines.

Centenary archive. The Association celebrated its centenary in 2006 and ran a nationwide competition to celebrate.