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The Association provides a wide-ranging selection of competitions for its affiliates.  All take place in the winter indoor season (October to March).

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The Lothian Smallbore Shooting Association is an umbrella body for clubs shooting smallbore rifle, air rifle and air pistol in Edinburgh (Scotland) and the surrounding Lothian Region. Its aims and purposes are to provide competition for the local smallbore rifle clubs affiliated to it. 

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Headlines (Items of continuing interest that have scrolled off or remain from last season)
  • A Chairman, a County Captain and an Awards Convenor are still required. 
  • Applications to Police Scotland for airgun licences in Scotland can now be made. It will be an offence for anyone (including visitors) to be in possession of an air weapon in Scotland without a licence from 31st December 2016. This link gives information, and forms for applying for Air Weapons Certificates by both individuals and clubs are now available here.
  • S/S League: The Fixture Meeting for the 2016-17 season will be held at Prestonpans on 29th Sept at 7.30.

Where's all the News???

3rd Sept 2016

The News page for the period September 2015 - August 2016 has been archived.  Please see below for a link to it and all previous archives.

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Archived News:

This News page is archived each September, so one whole indoor and summer seasons' worth is always visible.

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