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The Association provides a wide-ranging selection of competitions for its affiliates.  All take place in the winter indoor season (October to March).

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The Lothian Smallbore Shooting Association is an umbrella body for clubs shooting smallbore rifle, air rifle and air pistol in Edinburgh (Scotland) and the surrounding Lothian Region. Its aims and purposes are to provide competition for the local smallbore rifle clubs affiliated to it. 

News (See disclaimer etc at the bottom)

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Headlines (Items of continuing interest that have scrolled off or remain from last season)
  • A Chairman, a County Captain and an Trophy Convenor are all still required.

Annual General Meeting

13th May 2017

The AGM was held last Thursday and we are still without a Chairman, a County Captain and a Trophy Convenor. 

While acknowledging the ongoing unofficial efforts of one or two people, the trophy situation can best be described as a bit of a mess and if our stock of trophies is not to get dissipated, un-engraved for posterity and even potentially lost then it needs someone to take the situation in hand.  It's not difficult to keep track of a few pots and shields, and to arrange for a few medals and plaques to be bought each year, so please can someone step up to take this on.  Our successors in 20 years time will thank you for it. Contact the Secretary if interested (or the Site Administrator in the first instance, see below).

Dave Cummings has stood down the post of Individual Postal League Secretary, and this will be run next season by Robin Thomson.

Scottish Target Shooting

13th May 2017

The 2nd AGM of STS will be held on Saturday 3rd June at North Inch Community Centre, Gowans Terrace, Perth PH1 5BF, commencing 1.30pm. A workshop will be held prior to the meeting from11.00-12.00 on 'Protecting Vulnerable Groups' followed at 12.00-13.00 by a Police Scotland FAQ session, in which Police representatives will answer questions on firearm and airgun licensing. There will be a buffet in the interval before the AGM.

These meetings are just for members, so if you are not a member (and if not, why not?) go to for membership information and to sign up. Click on the 'posters' at the top to enlarge the summaries of the benefits of membership and the different categories available.

Membership can cost as little as 10 pa (5 for U-21's & students) to support all forms of target shooting in Scotland and receive regular e-newsletters about what's going on in the Scottish target shooting scene. You might not be aware that there are membership categories which provide insurance (cheaper than the NSRA's!) so it's well worth looking into if you have shooting kit to protect..

Clubs can affiliate too.

NSRA Scottish National Meeting 2017

13th May 2017

Entries close on Wednesday 24th May, so there's still time to get your entry in for the 'Scottish' meeting at Lauder during the first week of July.  Being so close, there's really no excuse for not going, at least at the weekend.

This might be the last opportunity for a while to attend this meeting while it's so close to home as next year's meeting could well be in Forres and there's no guarantee it will be back in the Borders any time soon after that..

County Leagues Roundup

24th Apr 2017

Ian Thomson, the county team organiser. has issued this report.
Congratulations to:

Junior B Team on winning their Division - Tom Diggle (EU) , Isabel Stark (GWC) , James Galloway (Merch) , Magnus Carswell (GWC).

Sinclair Bruce (B&C) for the Highest Average (99.0).

Jonty Barron (WAT) for winning the County Medal.

Main Team -  Good wins in rounds 9 & 10, finishing 2nd to Sussex who were undefeated, and ahead of Forth and Clyde on aggregate. The Sussex aggregate would have been 2nd in Division 1 and beat Lothian by an average of 14 pts per round (#StewardsEnquiry ?? - Ed.)

Women's Team - A bit out of their depth in Div 1 finishing in 5th place. The Division was dominated by Surrey who had 20 points while 2nd place had 10 points. They averaged 492 which is impressive.

Junior A Team - Top score in Rd 9 to move into 3rd place. Lost badly in Rd 10 but retained 3rd place.

Junior B Team - Excellent score in Rd 9 to beat the League leaders and move into 1st place. A Bye in R10 to win the Division - great timing!

Junior C Team - Won Rd 9 by I point to move into 3rd place and a Bye in Rd 10 to stay in 3rd place only I point behind 2nd place on aggregate.

Overall - 1x1st, 1x2nd, 2x3rd and 1x5th place.

Thanks to everyone who supported the County Teams and for returning "most" of the cards on time.

In addition, County Awards were gained by D Caughey (WAT), C Gray (EU) and G Walker (B&C) from the Main Team, and B Fraser-Burn (EU) from the Women's Team).

Take the County Teams link in the sidebar for full details.

NSRA Scottish National Meeting 2017

16th Apr 2017

Entry forms for the NSRA's Scottish meeting are now available. Download one from the NSRA website if you don't have one, but copies were emailed to previous entrants and it was also included with the most recent On Target magazine.  Entries close on Wednesday 24th  May.

The meeting will once again be held in the grounds of Thirlestane Castle in Lauder from Saturday 1st to Friday 7th July.

Being so close, there is really no excuse for shooters in the Edinburgh and Lothian area not to attend and it behoves us to do our utmost to enter a strong County Sextette team being one of the local Counties and winners not that long ago.  You can go for just the weekend, or from Saturday to Friday or just days in between.  It's run in five classes with Junior and Veteran competitions as well as club teams so shooters of all skill levels and ages can join in.

The meeting again offers both Benchrest and Lightweight Sporting Rifle (LSR) competitions as well as the traditional prone shooting.

Inter-Region Match 2017

15th Apr 2017

Lothian fielded teams (just) in STS's annual indoor and outdoor Inter-Region matches at Denwood on Sunday 9th April. We were runners-up in both.  Take the County Teams link in the sidebar to see the teams' details (at the bottom), or take this link to the STS site to see the full results.

Individual Postal League

15th Apr 2017

The results for the March and final round of matches in the Individual League have been released.  Congratulations to Jonty Barron (Watsonians) on taking the Division 1 title away from his brother Ollie, winner for the last two seasons.

The Division 9 title had to be shared as there was an unbreakable tie between P Gates of Pentland and R Sircus of Edinburgh University.

Take the link in the sidebar to see full details, including lists of averages for all participants.

Choose-Your-Own-Handicap team KO

6th Apr 2017

The Final of the CYOH team KO competition has taken place and the winners were Hawick, who beat Watsonians.  Take the link in the sidebar to see the scores.

More entries next season please!

Shoulder-to-Shoulder League

6th Apr 2017

I have been asked to publish this by the S/S League Secretary:

I would like to thank all the Shoulder to Shoulder competition captains for their prompt notification of their match results to me over the 2016-17 season.  I only had to chase one result over the whole season and that was only because the mail was sent to the wrong address.  Your help was much appreciated as it made my job a whole lot easier and I hope to be League Secretary again next season.

As someone peripherally involved I'd like to record my appreciation to Greg for his work in running this league in his first season in the post. The prompt notification of match results to him combined with the quick reporting to me of these results to me as the Site Administrator have together facilitated the results to be published here as soon after the matches as possible, and I think all the participants will appreciate that.

'World Cup' contact address

5th Apr 2017

To whom it may concern:
Please note that the contact email address for LSSA World Cup matters is now slightly different.  The new one is 'world-cup@....'. The old email address ('worldcup@...') has been deleted due to excessive spam. That all started after the organiser attempted to open a PayPal account with it a couple of years ago to offer entrants an alternative way of paying the entry fee.  It never materialised as PP could not understand why LSSA were a not-for-profit organisation but not also therefore a charity and their systems could not complete the application. However, that didn't stop them happily selling on the email address to third parties and ever since then the organiser has been receiving quantities of unwanted email most of which is classed by his ISP as spam. Enough's enough and action has been taken. 

If you have the old address in your contacts list, please update it by inserting a hyphen between 'world' and 'cup'.

Shoulder-to-Shoulder League

3rd Apr 2017

After the last match of the season was shot last Thursday it can be confirmed that the winners of the scratch league were Watsonians, who had a 100% record over the 12 match-programme, with Hawick the runners-up. Watsonians also won the Matchplay trophy.

The winner of the medal for the best average in the division, and of the Hayhoe Cujp for the best average in the league (bit academic as there's only one division) was Adam Dove, of Watsonians.

The winners of the inaugural handicap league were Hawick who only won after a tie on points with George Heriot's, who had a slightly inferior aggregate. The question everyone's asking is: will there be a trophy for this competition or not? The other question might be whether this experimental league was a success and will it be repeated next season? Watch this space.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Individual Championship Final

2nd Apr 2017

The knock-out Final stage of the Individual Championship took place last night at Balerno & Currie's range (eventually).  It was won by Chris Gray of Edinburgh University, who beat clubmate Tom Diggle in the final round by 197 to 194.

Congratulations to Chris, who is the first winner from EU since Stephen Davison in 1983.

Unfortunately only nine of the sixteen qualifiers were able to attend. These things really ought to be better attended.

NSRA Scottish National Meeting 2017

29th Mar 2017

Entry forms for the NSRA's Scottish meeting are now available to download from the NSRA website   Entries close on Wednesday 24th May so there is plenty of time to get organised.

The meeting will be held in the grounds of Thirlestane Castle in Lauder from Saturday 1st July to Friday 7th July.

This future of the Scottish Meeting remains in serious doubt due to falling attendances in recent years. Numbers are still historically very low and if this meeting is not well attended the NSRA might well just pull the plug on it. Please, please support this meeting. so that it has a chance of continuing into the future.

Being so close, there is really no excuse for shooters in Edinburgh and Lothian not to attend and it behoves us to do our utmost to enter a strong County Sextette team being one of the local Counties and winners not that long ago.  You can go for just the weekend, or from Saturday to Friday or just days in between so local accommodation is not a requirement.  It's run in five classes with Junior and Veteran competitions as well as club teams so shooters of all skill levels and ages can join in.

Once again, the meeting offers both Benchrest and Lightweight Sporting Rifle (LSR) competitions as well as the traditional prone shooting.

Team Postal League

29th Mar 2017

The results of the final round of the Team Postal League have been published  Please take the TPL link in the sidebar to see the details.

Individual League

11th Mar 2017

The results for the February round of the Individual Postal League are now available.  Please take the IPL link in the sidebar to see the details.

Individual Championships

8th Mar 2017

The results of the first stage of the Individual Championship have been released, as well as the winners of the subsidiary Championships.  The sixteen qualifiers for the Knock-Out Final of the Main Championship meet at Balerno & Currie's range on Saturday 1st April, commencing 7pm sharp to compete for the Whitton Cup

Finalists should be present by 6.45 at the latest for the draw or risk elimination!  If any is unavailable, they should contact Dougie Duff as soon as possible (your club sec will have contact details).

The qualifiers for the Final are:

Name Club


A S Bruce

Balerno & Currie


A J Horne

Balerno & Currie


A Dove



N Georgeson

Balerno & Currie


A Robertson

Balerno & Currie


C Gray

Edinburgh University


A Anderson



W T Vaughan



H McCaughey

Edinburgh University


L Muttiah

Edinburgh University


B Burnside



I Stark

George Watson's


R Thomson



T Diggle

Edinburgh University


J Gutteridge

Edinburgh University


I Thomson


192 (192)

The last qualifier and the order of the first two reserves were decided by regauging::
Name Club


1. K Nixon


192 (191)

2  G Neill


3  R Chapman Hawick 191
4  J H Hind Masonic 191

Subsidiary Champions:

Championship Winner Club Score

B Burnside



W T Vaughan



I Stark

George Watson's

Inexpert A

R Sircus

Edinburgh University

Inexpert B

C Hillert

Edinburgh University


Congratulations to all these winners. It should be noted that several entrants were disqualified for having the stickers on the front of the card instead of the back.

The entry in all competitions has maintained the higher level from last season - long may it continue!

Outdoor Championship
The scratch and handicap outdoor championships are shot for concurrently with the Unsquadded Aggregate at the NSRA Scottish Meeting the previous summer, this time at Lauder in 2016. It is confined to Lothian residents (students from here studying elsewhere qualify to shoot as they have dual residency).

The McLennan Medal was won by A Dove (Watsonians)
The Ettrick & Lauderdale Handicap trophy was won by G Gooch (George Watson's) 

LSSA 'World Cup'

6th Mar 2017

The Final of the LSSA's 'World Cup' competition was held on Saturday - take the World Cup link in the sidebar to see the details.

Choose-Your-Own-Handicap Team KO

17th Feb 2017

The first round of the CYOH has taken place - take the link in the sidebar to see the details and which teams have made it to the Final, as unfortunately once again only three teams have entered. 

This competition must be in jeopardy if more teams don't participate.  Use it or lose it, as they say.

Individual Postal League - January results

13th Feb 2017

The results for the January round of the Individual League are now available.  Take the link in the sidebar to see.

Home Office Consultation (3)

8th Feb 2017

The NSRA have produced their response to the proposed draconian increases in fees for HO approval for clubs.  It's a very considered document and will give readers food for thought when making their own submissions to the consultation.

Home Office Consultation (2)

25th Jan 2017

Readers may be interested in the NRA's response to this consultation document. They make some interesting points. The NSRA are still considering their response.

The NRA have highlighted that merely reporting a change to the club officers to the HO/Scottish Government will cost a club 470. Don't change your secretary too often, then!

BASC (usually in the forefront of pressure groups lobbying against Government initiatives that appear to go against the shooting sports) do not seem to mention this issue on their website, and the British Shooting Sports Council don't have anything either. [At time of writing.]

Send in your own response to the consultation document by 9th March. Responses can be made online, by email or by post.

Home Office Consultation

13th Jan 2017

Clubs and others should be aware of this 'consultation' document.

Take the link, open the first PDF file on the page shown, read page 10 then go and weep quietly in a corner.

Watsonian Open Meeting - UPDATE

26th Nov 2016

There will be a 'Guess the number of empty cases' draw for a 50 voucher very kindly donated by Edinkillie Sport Services.

Watsonian Open Meeting

2nd Nov 2016

The Watsonian Rifle Club have announced details of their forthcoming Open Meeting. It will be held on 3rd & 4th December.

The competition consists of 60 shots at 25 yards shot in six 10-minute timed details (not necessarily consecutive). There are 5 classes A-E with additional prizes for Under 21, Under 18 and Under 15's, and there are also Veterans, Ladies and Team competitions. Catering is provided both days.  Further information and entry forms can be .

Entries can be made on the day subject to range space.

Pathhead Rifle Club

1st Nov 2016

Pathhead Rifle Club has had to close.  Due to falling membership numbers recently it no longer retained enough members to remain viable and ceased to exist as an operating club some weeks ago. All of its equipment has been disposed of and it remains to be seen what will happen to the range premises.

At least one of its former members has joined another club in the area.

Bob Aitken (update)

21st Oct 2016

Bob's funeral service will take place at 11am on Saturday 29th October in the Lorimer Chapel of Warriston Crematorium (Edinburgh). All welcome, but family flowers only. There will be a collection for Poppy Scotland.

Bob Aitken

16th Oct 2016

It is with much sadness that I have to report the sudden death of Bob Aitken of George Heriot's FP. Although perhaps better known in the fullbore shooting world, Bob shot for Heriot's in the winter season and was a familiar figure in the shoulder-to-shoulder league circuit in this area.

Our condolences go to his family, his club colleagues and all his many friends.  He will be missed.

Cities & Boroughs Competition

10th Oct 2016

Congratulations to the Edinburgh team that came 2nd in the Cities & Boroughs competition this year. We were only seven points behind High Wycombe, and won the Wyllie, Barr & Ross trophy for being the top Scottish team.

Take the County Teams link in the sidebar to see the details

Shoulder-to-Shoulder League Regulations

6th Oct 2016

An updated version of the S/S League Regulations has been issued.  The changes cover the procedures governing the new concurrent Handicap League (see the new Section B), and also for submitting results electronically (Section A, paras 19 & 20).

The new regulations can be see here, and can also be accessed via the link at the bottom of the main S/S League page as before.

It is advised that all participating clubs familiarise themselves with these changes.

Balerno & Currie Open Meeting

5th Oct 2016

Balerno & Currie Rifle Club will be holding their popular Open Meeting on Saturday & Sunday 12th & 13th November.

The course of fire is two 30-shot competitions plus an aggregate in four classes, with a concurrent Junior competition along with Pairs and club teams of three. There is a trophy for each Class winner plus unique BCRC medals to be won. The first detail each day is at 10am. Catering will be provided and ammunition will be on sale if required. The use of breech plugs is mandatory.

To request an entry form, please , but it is also available in the Secure Area if you have the password (take the tab at the top).  Entries will be accepted on the day subject to available range space.

Winter Team Leagues

4th Oct 2016

The fixture meeting for the Shoulder-to-Shoulder league took place on 29th September and this season the league will be run with one division of seven teams, giving each team six home and six away matches. To keep the lower-average teams interested, a handicap league will be run concurrently, which will give every team a chance of winning something. Take the S/S League link in the sidebar for further information.

News of a trophy for this new competition has not reached this writer.

The Postal League stickers have been sent our (or will be very shortly). The first round is to be shot by 24th October.

Where's all the News???

3rd Sept 2016

The News page for the period September 2015 - August 2016 has been archived.  Please see below for a link to it and all previous archives.

Disclaimer etc:  Please note:
Just about everything that appears on this News page is created and written by the Site Administrator either from his personal knowledge, what his ear to the ground picks up or information contributed, whether solicited or not. 

Photographs:  All photographs on this site are the copyright of the person who took the photo and are credited accordingly.  If no credit is given then copyright is held by the Site Administrator himself. Permission must be sought for the copying or re-use of any photograph: apply to the Site Administrator in the first instance.

Content:  Any views or opinions expressed on this site, unless otherwise attributed, are entirely those of the Site Administrator and may or may not reflect the those of the Association.

Results:  All the results on the competitions and county teams pages are provided by the relevant organisers and the Site Administrator has no control over when they are produced, sent to him or received by him.  However, he does endeavour to publish anything received within 24 hours of receipt, so please don't shoot the messenger if some results you want to see aren't there yet - take it up with the relevant organiser.

Contributions:  If you or your club would like anything concerning local or national shooting-related matters published on the News or Miscellaneous pages that would be of interest to our readers, then you are cordially invited to submit it for publication. Due credit will be given as appropriate. Use the email address at the bottom of this page to send it in.

Archived News:

This News page is archived each September, so one whole indoor and summer seasons' worth is always visible.

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